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Aada Thodai Ilai / Malabar Nut Dried Leaves (Raw)

Aada Thodai Ilai / Malabar Nut Dried Leaves (Raw) is a NattuMarunthu brand product, best for.. Read more

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Aada Thodai Ilai / Malabar Nut Dried Leaves (Raw) - 100 gm

Botanical Name : Adathoda Vasica English Name : Malabar Nut Tamil Name : Aada Thodai Ilai Hindi Name : / / / Adosa/ Arusha/ Rus/ Bansa Malayalam Name : Adalodakam / Adarooshaka Telugu Name : Adamkabu/ Adampaka/ Addasaram

About :
Malabar nut is a small evergreen, sub-herbaceous bush. The leaves are 10 to 16 cm in length, minutely pubescent and broadly lanceolate. When the leaves are dried, they appear dull brownish green in color and taste bitter. The inflorescence is dense, shortly pedunculate, bracteate and spike terminal. The corolla is large and white, with lower lip streaked purple. The fruit is a 4-seeded small capsule. The stomata in the plant are elongated and oval in shape. The plant has been used in India for over 200 years. It is commonly cultivated in the tropics in the country.

Benefits :
Malabar Nut is internally used for, Bronchitis. For the early stages of leprosy. Good for cleansing the blood of its impurities. For assisting with heart troubles. Asthma, sore eyes and gonorrhea. Checking fever, vomiting, and loss of memory. Helps in the early stages of leucoderma and jaundice. Tumors and diseases of the mouth. Dysuria or painful and difficult urination.

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