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VedaOils Rhassoul Red Clay

Brand: VedaOils

VedaOils Rhassoul Red Clay is a VedaOils brand product, best for.. Read more

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Description of VedaOils Rhassoul Red Clay:
Red Rhassoul Clay has been one of the most used clays from the last 1500 years. It is found in the fertile deposits of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Powdered Red Rhassoul Clay is widely known cosmetic clay that is rich in Hematite Iron. The rich iron content in this clay powder makes its appearance red in color. Natural Red Rhassoul Clay Powder also contains montmorillonite, kaolinite, illite, and calcite which make it even more skin rejuvenating.
Mineral-rich Red Rhassoul Clay Powder has excellent detoxifying and remineralizing properties which help to enhance the skin?s texture and overall quality. This clay is mild so it is suitable for all skin types. Organic Rhassoul Red cosmetic clay makes the appearance of skin toned, refreshed, and smoothened. The effective nutrients present in this clay contain anti-aging agents which tighten the pores and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Natural Rhassoul Red clay also constructively revitalizes the skin and provides a youthful glow to it.
Pure Red Rhassoul Clay is rich in silica and magnesium which are the most effective ingredients for hair growth and nutrients restoration. These minerals possessing clay are used to make various hair care products like Hairmasks, Cleansers, Conditioners, etc. You can even use Red Rhassoul clay powder to make DIY Face Masks, Scrubs, and many other cosmetic products.
We at VedaOils offer you the most amazing Rhassoul Red Clay Powder that will benefit your hair and skin in boundless ways. It is completely chemical and toxin-free so you can use it without stressing about any side effects.

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