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VedaOils Madder Root Liquid Extract - 100 gm

Brand: VedaOils

VedaOils Madder Root Liquid Extract - 100 gm is a VedaOils brand product, best for.. Read more

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Description of VedaOils Madder Root Liquid Extract:
Madder?s roots is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the coffee family. Native to Western Asia and North Africa the scientific name of madder root is Rubiatinctorum where Rubia means red and denotes the red dye obtained from the plant?s roots. Besides being used widely in the dye and textile industry, madder root has aperient and astringent properties and is often used as a remedy for curing anemia. It is also used effectively in the treatment of kidney and bladder stones. As a herbal medicine, it is often used in curing jaundice, amenorrhea, and dropsy.
Ancient medical practitioners used it in the treatment of gynecological diseases and as an expectorant in treating the common cold and flu. Madder roots are rich sources of iridoid, organic acids, tannins, calcium, pectin, and sugars. It is best used in dissolving kidney and bladder stones and has an antispasmodic effect on the ureters. The ruberythric acid found in the madder roots forms a connection between calcium and magnesium ions thus lowering the concentration of ions in urine and preventing the formation of stones.
Liquid extract of madder root is also used in the treatment of missed menstrual periods and other ailments of the spleen. With a multitude of health benefits, madder root is indeed a highly beneficial medicinal plant.

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