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Oziva Plant Based Immunity Multi With Vitamins A C D3 E, Minerals Iron Zinc Guava Leaf Curry Leaf Extracts

Brand: Oziva

Oziva Plant Based Immunity Multi With Vitamins A C D3 E, Minerals Iron Zinc Guava Leaf Curry Leaf Extracts is a Oziva brand product, best for.. Read more

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Oziva Plant Based Immunity Multi With Vitamins A C D3 E, Minerals Iron Zinc Guava Leaf Curry Leaf Extracts - 60 Caps Details


OZiva Plant Based Immunity Multi with Vitamins A, C, D3, E, Minerals Iron, Zinc, Guava Leaf & Curry Leaf extracts, to boost immunity. OZiva Plant Based Immunity Multi is a powerful blend specially designed to improve the body?s immune response against various infections. Increases the ability of the body to fight against infectious agents like deadly viruses and bacteria and enhances immunity with 100% plant-based extracts of Vitamins and Minerals blend Increases the level of immune response and activates antimicrobial mechanisms within the body with plant-based minerals like Zinc and Iron Improves anti-inflammatory response and is effective in preventing certain age-related diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis etc, with the help of Zinc in Guava Leaf Extract Enhances the production of immune cells with Vitamin E present in Sunflower seed extract Protects the cell from damage with the help of ?-carotene present in Carrot extract Free Diet Consultation for Customers What Makes It Good Vitamin Blend Natural Vitamin Blend Acerola Cherry, Carrot, Lichen, Sunflower Oil Mineral Blend Natural Mineral Blend Guava Leaf, Curry Leaf What Makes It Better Vegan Soy-Free Non-GMO No Preservatives How to Enjoy Direction to use 2 capsules per day to be consumed 1-2 hours after dinner and before sleep. Consume regularly for at least 2-4 months for best results.







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