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Description of Sery Color Flirt Nail Enamel:
Paint your nails with the color of flirt. SERY Color Flirt Nail Enamel is here to take care of nails with the colors that suits your busy lifestyle. This formulation is enriched with Avocado Oil and Vitamin E to nourish your nails while keeping them strong. SERY nail paint range seals nails for 6 days with a glossy shine that gives the ultimate finishing results. The chip-free and ultra-resistant formula offers unparalleled stability while settling easily and controlling yellowing of your nails. Our formulation has easy application with convenient drying time, apply two coats for intense payoff and long wear.

Benefits of Sery Color Flirt Nail Enamel:
Spectacular Coverage and stays up for 6 days
Chip-Resistant and gorgeously glossy shine
Leverage pay-off, drying time and ultra-wear performance
Contains UV filters to prevent discoloration and yellowing
Two coats application for intense pay off
Long-Lasting smooth formula
Perfect for all types of nails
Portable and precise, easy to apply and on-the-move
Cruelty free and Paraben free

How to use Sery Color Flirt Nail Enamel:
Shake the bottle, twist cap and remove the excess enamel while taking the brush out.
Brush one coat of enamel from the center of your nail starting from the base of the tip.
Repeat process on both sides of the center line, leaving no empty spots on the nail.
Apply 2 coats and wait for a couple of minute, for the perfect results.

Ingredients of Sery Color Flirt Nail Enamel:
Enriched With Vitamin E ? Vitamin E helps in moisturizing nails and also support nail health by preventing cracked cuticles and dry skin around the nail bed.
Enriched With Avocado Oil ? It helps heal dry and brittle nails. It keeps your nail soft and help in reducing the breakage.
Formulation Free From: Paraben,Preservatives

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