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SBL Xerophyllum Asphodelodies - 30 ml

Brand: SBL Homeo

SBL Xerophyllum Asphodelodies - 30 ml is a SBL Homeo brand product, best for.. Read more

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SBL Xerophyllum Asphodelodies - 30 ml

Description of SBL Xerophyllum Asphodelodies:
SBL Xerophyllum Dilution is an excellent homoeopathic remedy that is useful in treating skin complaints and intermittent fevers. This medicine also treats sore eyes with burning sensation, irritation of eyes etc. It is also a perfect medicine that treats the women’s problems relating to the uterus. It is helpful in treating weak memory, lack of concentration, pulsating headache, irritation of the eyes, blockage of nose swollen face in the morning and puffiness under eyes, acute pain in throat, excessive flatulence, vomiting, mild constipation.

Benefits of SBL Xerophyllum Asphodelodies:
Helps to treat blockage of nose
Treats Frequent sneezing with discharge thick, yellow mucus
Helpful in Weakness and lameness of muscles with trembling
Treats Redness of skin with intense itching, stinging, and burning, rough and Cracked Skin
Helpful in treating female problems of Ovarian and uterine pains with white discharge from the vagina
Helps in treating intermittent fevers
Helps to treat weak memory and lack of concentration
Provides relief from acute pain in throat
Helpful in treating digestion related problems such as excessive flatulence, vomiting, mild constipation
Provides relief in incontinence of urine
Helps to manage pain in joints and cures back pain

How to use SBL Xerophyllum Asphodelodies:
Take 3-5drops of the medicine twice a day or as directed by the physician

Ingredients of SBL Xerophyllum Asphodelodies:
Xerophyllum ( A type of Plant)

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