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Heilen Biopharm Vidarikand Herbal Powder

Heilen Biopharm Vidarikand Herbal Powder is a Heilen Biopharm brand product, best for.. Read more

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Description of Heilen Biopharm Vidarikand Herbal Powder:
It has estrogen like properties. Vidari is an important herb. Anti-inflammatory properties of Vidarikand also help in many problems.
It is used in combination with Shatavari, Ashwagandha for debility and deficient of lactation.
Vidarikand has all the properties of a good rasayana (Rejuvenate). A rasayana is defined as a herb which prevents ageing and also protects against all kinds of problems.
it is very useful for lactating mothers. Pueraria tuberosa improves the digestive power in case of children as well.
Vidarikand helps to improve voice quality and is used by a lot of singers to improve their tone in a natural way.
There are many drugs in veda which improve overall strength of the body and also prevent or delay the process of ageing. Vidarikand is one such Herb. Vidari is a powerful herbal remedy that eases stress and boosts strength, endurance, memory, and immunity. t is one of the most nourishing herbal plants

Indications of Heilen Biopharm Vidarikand Herbal Powder:
3-5 grams everday with water can be consumed directly for 15-30 days to get results.

How to use Heilen Biopharm Vidarikand Herbal Powder:
3-5 grams everday with water can be consumed directly for 15-30 days to get results.

Ingredients of Heilen Biopharm Vidarikand Herbal Powder:
100% Pure and Natural Vidarikand Herbal Powder

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