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Baby Organo Hing Roll On

Brand: Baby Organo

Baby Organo Hing Roll On is a Baby Organo brand product, best for.. Read more

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Baby Organo Hing Roll On - 40 ml Details


For newborns, The first few months can be pretty rough as their sensitive digestive system is still getting used to the intake of food. Hence during this phase issues of indigestion, gas & colic is common among the newborn. In an Indian household, We often use a few kitchen ingredients to relieve the pain & discomfort. One such ingredient in our roll-on is Hing (Asafoetida) with ginger oil that soothes stomach pain and bloating. The roll-on also has combination of many other essential oils which also aid in the digestion process.


Relieves Gas Pain Relieves Tummy Discomfort Improves digestion Certified Toxin Free


Hing - Antispasmodic & anti-inflammatory properties helps to alleviate such health issues, Treats upset stomach & supports digestion Fennel Oil - Reduces & prevents spasms in the gut, Relieves gas & Constipation, Treats Digestive issue Ginger Oil - Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and expectorant properties, Treats upset stomach & supports digestion, Provide antioxidants Sowa / Dill seed Oil - Promotes digestion, Prevents excess gas, Calms hiccups Olive Oil - Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory Peppermint Oil - Promotes digestion Sunflower Oil - Helps to moisturize skin

Directions of Use

Works perfectly for babies over 3 months. Apply directly on the baby?s tummy around the navel area. Keep applying Hing Roll-On in a couple of hours as needed until the baby feels better. When kid is suffering from Colic, Constipation And Indigestion.

Short Description

Relieve Colic, Constipation and Indigestion in Infants and Kids

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