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Siddhayu Diabo Yogue Cream

Brand: Siddhayu

Siddhayu Diabo Yogue Cream is a Siddhayu brand product, best for.. Read more

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Siddhayu Diabo Yogue Cream - 60 Gms Details


Siddhayu Reimagining Ayurveda Diabo Yogue Cream Diabo Yogue Cream Diabo Yogue Foot Cream hydrates nourishes and softens dry, calloused, and infected feet. A carefully crafted blend of herbal extracts and natural oils, steroids free ? well suited for diabetes foot care. Absorbs quickly and deeply to improve circulation. Coconut and sesame oil combine with kokum butter, moisturize and reduce sensitivity in the affected area. The neem oil and herbs curb bacterial infection and reduce pain. A special holistic and advanced foot care cream for diabetics. Ultimate hydrating and repair formula for diabetic foot problems Moisture lock property alleviates dryness, itching, and prevents bleeding wounds Aids in preventing the formation of foot ulcers and blisters which often lead to infection A chemical-free formula that acts gently to relieve pain Combines herbs which provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory support No Parabens, No Artificial Colours, No Mineral Oil, Purity-Tested


Use 3? 4 times a day Avoid barefoot walking Use comfortable, well-fitting footwear Eat healthy and control blood sugar

How to Use

Wash feet in lukewarm water with mild soap Dry thoroughly, including between the toes Apply on the affected area Massage gently until completely absorbed Caution : If you have any dermatological condition or take medications, please consult with your healthcare practitioner before use. If you experience any adverse reaction, please discontinue use and consult your doctor. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


Neem Neem or Azadirachta indica is native to the Indian subcontinent. A popular medicinal herb commonly used is traditional remedies. It is known to have more than 130 bioactive compounds. Neem is an antiseptic agent. It prevents bacterial and fungal infections at the site of the wound, allowing the wound to heal quickly. Manjishtha Manjishtha or Rubia cordifolia is a perennial climber that owes its medicinal benefits to bioactive compounds, such as Rubimallin, an anti-inflammatory agent. It is especially useful in treating skin disorders. It helps by improving blood circulation to the affected area and alleviating dry skin, rashes, and itchiness. Coconut oil Coconut oil is a natural oil extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts. It is rich in healthy fatty acids and other active nutrients. It is known to reduce inflammation, keep skin hydrated, and help in healing wounds. The medium-chain fatty acids in the oil have shown antimicrobial properties and can protect against harmful microorganisms.

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