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Organic India Flexibility Caps is a Organic India brand product, best for.. Read more

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Organic India Flexibility Caps

Description :
Flexibility Ayurvedic Capsules helps to lubricate, protect and repair joints and tissue, reduces inflammation, improves joint mobility, soothes muscle spasm, relieves pain and reduces the need for pain relievers. Flexibility Ayurvedic Capsules helps give long lasting relief from stiffness and inhibits joint degeneration.

Benefits :
Reduces inflammation Supports joint reparation Immunomodulatory... Read More

Customer reviews for Organic India Flexibility Caps

Verified Purchase

That's great good quality and power ful performance

15 Sep 2023

Verified Purchase

Very satisfied customer with the outstanding service from Myuniquebasket store.

25 Jul 2023

Verified Purchase

Got my products in 7 days

13 Mar 2023

Verified Purchase

Good for constant use

13 Feb 2023

Verified Purchase

Its just a week! I will share my result after use of a month

11 Feb 2023

Verified Purchase

Price is a bit high

07 Feb 2023

Verified Purchase

Everything was fine

05 May 2022

Verified Purchase

Nice product with good packing , arrived on time

04 Jan 2022

Verified Purchase

100% natural product

10 Aug 2020

Verified Purchase

Best worthy product at a very reasonable price

23 May 2020

Verified Purchase

The packaging has made it super easy to use it

06 Apr 2019

Verified Purchase

What a wonderful surprise. Made in India.

08 Jan 2019

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