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Nayuruvi / Chaff Flower Dried (Raw)

Nayuruvi / Chaff Flower Dried (Raw) is a NattuMarunthu brand product, best for.. Read more

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Nayuruvi / Chaff Flower Dried (Raw) - 100 gm

Botanical Name : Achyranthes Aspera English Name : Chaff Flower Tamil Name : Nayuruvi Hindi Name : / / // Apang/ Chirchra/ Chirehitta/latjira/ Onga Malayalam Name : Apamarga Powder Telugu Name : Antisha/ Apamargamu/ Uttareni

About :
Nayuruvi known as Indian nettle or prickly chaff flower. Achyranthes aspera is the scientific name of the India prickly chaff flower, It is available throughout the tropical and subtropical regions, under altitude of 4100 meters. This plant grows throughout the tropical and warmer regions of the world. It is also found in many other countries of Asia as well as Africa, America, Europe and Australia. It was found to be the most prevalent herb in Shivbari sacred grove of Himachal Pradesh and an exotic medicinal plant of district Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh. Cylindrical tap root, slightly ribbed, 0.1-1.0 cm in thickness.Its root, leaves, seeds, and root flower (whole plant) all have different benefits and are used for treating many diseases.

Benefits :
Internal Benefits of Nayuruvi(Chaff Flower):- Treats various diseases such as leprosy, asthma, fistula, piles, arthritis, renal and cardiac dropsy, kidney stone, diabetes, skin disorders, gynecological disorders, gonorrhea, malaria, pneumonia, fever, cough, pyorrhea, dysentery, rabies, hysteria, toothache. External Benefits of Nayuruvi(Chaff Flower):- Is used to treat for wounds, Ear pain ,redness in eye,Migraine (Headache),Back ache,Boils, eczema.

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I find its results are reallly good.

21 Jan 2023

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Like the effect

01 Dec 2019

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